Humberto Trejo Family

Humberto Trejo Gonzalez comes from the Otomi village of San Pablito, high in the mountains of Puebla where the populace still speaks a dialect of Otomi. He and his family are recognized for their creative designs in papel amate, handmade hammered paper. The paper is made from the bark of the Jonote tree by soaking the bark in a hot bath, using dyes that are natural; flowers, ash, bark, etc.

The pulp strips are then laid out on a board in a grid fashion and hammered with a flat stone until the grids merge creating sheets of paper. Humberto has developed several very interesting methods of decorating the paper with beads, with hand stitched fabric and with elaborate cut out designs that depict the various Gods of the Otomi. Casa de la Cuesta is very proud to represent and promote this Otomi tradition and the Trejo Gonzalez family of artisans.